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Adam smith's division of labor theory was very useful and was introduced into the factories of the 19th century with the assembly line technology. Almost any factory in our days considers the division of labor as a key element for efficiency and for increasing productivity. In the assembly lines of car factories for example, one
Whether that is a community of hunters and gatherers who share whatever the day has brought to them within their tribe, or a larger community which within its structure lie the inner dwellings of division of labor and societal classes. Adam Smith (18th Century), John Stuart Mill (19th Century), and Karl Marx (19th Century)
Smith noted that specialisation and division of labour permitted far more output. To explain his point further, Smith took the example of a factory producing pins. Smith believed that when each worker specialised in productive function, ten workers were able to produce 48,000 pins per day, or 4,800 pins per worker. Without
In this text, Smith separates his findings into 5 different chapters or 'books' as he calls them. Book one and two both focus on the development of the division of labor and telling his readers about how the division adds to the wealth and money gain by different societies by gaining extra materials and found ways to exchange
by Adam Smith. Smith explores the significance of the division of labor using his example of the pin factory where specialization lets the employees increase their production. The greatest improvement in the productive powers of labour, and the greater part of the skill, dexterity, and judgment with which it is anywhere
Adam Smith, who criticized mercantilists fot their wrong concept of the wealth of nations, considered that the real wealth is the annual produce of the land and labour of the society (Smith [1976], p. 12). According to Smith, furthermore, the high productivity of labour in civilized and thriving nations seems to have been the
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