acyclic diene metathesis polymerization mechanism

Die acyclische Dienmetathese-Polymerisation (englisch acyclic diene metathesis), auch ADMET-Polymerisation genannt, ist eine Variante der Alkenmetathese, bei der Diolefine mit endständigen Doppelbindungen (α,ω-Diene) in einer als Stufenwachstumsreaktion ablaufenden Gleichgewichtsreaktion in Gegenwart von
Acyclic diene metathesis or 'ADMET' (distinguish from ADME) is a special type of olefin metathesis used to polymerize terminal dienes to polyenes: ADMET. The new double bonds formed can be in cis- or trans-configuration, the exact ratio depends on the monomer and catalyst structures. It is a type of step-growth,
Abstract. The history of and major advances in the acyclic diene metathesis (ADMET) reaction are described. Because precise branch identity and frequency can be achieved by ADMET polymerizations of symmetrical α,ω-dienes, polyethylenes with precisely spaced alkyl branches of specified length have been prepared.
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Figure 4-3. The step nature of the ADMET reaction. Keeping these events in mind, it becomes apparent that acyclic diene metathesis poly- merization is a step process, as opposed to the chain polymerization chemistry asso- ciated with ROMP reactions. A plot of. Carothers' equation (Fig. 4-3) illustrates that in order for high
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Wagener, Boncella, and Nel proposed the accepted mechanism of ADMET.90. The ADMET and ROMP mechanisms both proceed through the equilibrium polymerization of olefins via metathesis. However, ADMET differs by involving the polymerization of acyclic dienes, with its equilibrium shifted to polymer by the removal
3the admet mechanismadmet polymerization usually requires relatively long reaction times in order to guarantee high conversion and consequently high molecular weight polymers. admet reactionacyclic diene metathesis polymerization is an equilibrium step-growth condensation of α,ω-dienes promoted by a suitable
In chemistry, reaction whose result is the interchange of two parts of two substances to form two new substances, as. AgNO3 + NaCl → AgCl + NaNO3. Page 4. Chemistry 318N. Olefin Metathesis. Page 5. Chemistry 318N. Ring opening metathesis polymerization ROMP. *. * catalyst. Page 6. Chemistry 318N. Ring strain
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